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Cham Ceramica

Pottery of Portofino

What Cham means

Cham stands for our names Claesson Henrik and Alessandra Mozzi.

Two ceramic artisans who share a common space where they develop and design their works.

For more than ten years they have moved to the Portofino park, near the church of San Nicolò di Capodimonte.

The natural and wild beauty is imbued daily in their work.

Autonomously they continue the research and experimentation for the development of their works.


Our Philosophy

We give space to the earth to express itself, following the genuineness of intuition in the creation process.


We choose not to mass-produce, making our works more exclusive and each piece is worked as a work in itself.

Our functional ceramics are made of stoneware and for glazing we use natural elements such as ash, shells and lands collected in nature, with the result of an organic, original and foreign work to any notion of time and place.



"A person who reflects on his actions puts his passion at the service of quality"


R. Sennett

Our Duo


Alessandra Mozzi


Henrik Claesson

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